Hasegawa July 2017 Releases

Hasegawa July 2017 Releases 1/700 Japanese Navy Battleship Mikasa Full Hull Limited Edition Bound for Yokohama. Few ships are as storied as the legendary Mikasa. This pre-dreadnought battleship took on the Russian fleet the Battle of Tsushima. This clash shocked the whole world and revealed Japan as the Pacific’s dominant Read more…

HobbyBoss Jan 2017 Update

HobbyBoss Jan 2017 Update 1:72 IDF Merkava Mk.IIID(LIC) ITEM No.: 82917 1:72 German Land-Wasser-Schlepper (LWS) Medium production ITEM No.: 82919 1:35 PLA ZTZ-99A MBT ITEM No.: 83892 1:200 Japanese Battleship Mikasa 1902 ITEM No.: 82002 Paul Tosney – Editor ModelBuilder International Scifiantasy