Platz 1/72 F-1

The Mitsubishi F-1 is Japan’s first post-World War II domestically developed and built jet fighter, to enter production in Japan since the end of World War II.

The F-1 was developed from the earlier T-2 trainer. The most obvious change was he removal of the after cockpit and the space was utilised for more advanced avionics, although other changes were extra hardpoints, stronger airframe and a new radar. The primary role of the F-1 was anti-shipping with a secondary anti air capability. The F-1 was slowly replaced by the F-2 (based on the F-16C/D) and upgrade F-4EJ’s. The last F-1 was retired from service in 2006.

There are 5 decal options on the very comprehensive decal sheet. You have a few choices in the build, the first option is to use a canopy with a separate rail, or one with the rail as part of the canopy. Airbrakes can be open or closed and undercarriage up or down. There are a variety of weapons to add, or not  if you want them for your spares stash. There are 7 weapons pylons and you have enough weapons to fill them all. From the unused parts on the sprues it seems a T-2 will be coming soon.

Thanks to Platz for the review kit.


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