Panzerwrecks News Aug 2017

Panzerwrecks News Aug 2017

Panzerwrecks have announced that Panswerwrecks 21 will be released in September.

A big deal for me is that they’ve shared a downloadable index of vehicles in the Panzerwrecks Series books. More info below but the link is Panzerwrecks-Index-13th-July-17.

They’ve also got some AMMO books back in stock. That Panzer DNA book looks good and is apparently a top seller.

From the publisher:

Panzer DNA has proven so popular that we kept running out! Probably because we have the best price on the internet. We’ve put that right and, unless everyone buys two copies, we have it in stock for the foreseeable future. It’s received great reviews from buyers too. Don’t believe us? See for yourself (click the review tab).

While we were buying in stock from the nice people at Mig, we took the opportunity to expand the range, with a great little (and cheap) little reference book on the King Tiger and a couple of very nicely put together profile books all at the best online prices. Head on down the page and click the covers for more details.

In other news, Andrew Deeley and Angus Creighton have put together an index of vehicles in the Panzerwrecks Series books. This is probably the most requested omission from the books and something that I thank the chaps for their hard work. Ultimately, I hope to integrate this into the Panzerwrecks website, but until I get round to it, you can download a PDF from the Panzerwrecks site, just click the link below:

Panzerwrecks have a survey up and running. If you can spare a few minutes, they’d really appreciate your thoughts. The responses so far have given them some clues as to where they can improve:​

Paul Tosney – Editor
ModelBuilder International


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