MiniArt Concrete Telegraph Poles

MiniArt Concrete Telegraph Poles

MiniArt have released a set of 4 concrete telegraph poles and you have the option to make each of them as either a lamppost or have the telegraph wires attached in one of 3 different ways, you can make 4 lampposts if you want. I don’t remember seeing concrete poles like these in any photos and after searching the internet the nearest I found was some French poles that looked similar, but not identical.

The poles are 200mm high and the kit comprises 64 parts. They’re going to be a real simple build and all you need to do extra is rough up the surface texture of the poles a little to represent the rough surface texture. The plastic is smooth so not really too realistic for concrete.

This kit would look very nice on any diorama and add another dimension, literally, to your diorama.

Many thanks to MiniArt for the review sample.

Paul Tosney – Editor
ModelBuilder International


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