AMMO Weathering Aircraft Magazine: Interiors

AMMO Weathering Aircraft Magazine: Interiors

Introducing The Weathering Aircraft, your publication of choice focused on painting and weathering techniques for aircraft models launches its seventh issue. We should not overlook interiors, so we have decided to show you how to paint and weather cockpits, wheel and electronics bays, and radio compartments. Contrary to what many people believe, interiors generally do not sport many bright coloured parts, so we will have to learn which appropriate colours to use. As you might expect, these areas also show a fair amount of weathering effects, just as the rest of the aircraft, so we will see how to match the interiors to the finish of the exterior surfaces using different weathering techniques. We have selected various subjects as examples, ranging from WWI aeroplanes to spaceships, all clearly explained through detailed step by step articles by some of the finest modellers in the world.

Available from AMMO here.


Paul Tosney – Editor
ModelBuilder International


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