Flyhawk WW2 Royal Navy Aircraft 1

Flyhawk has recently released this set of 1/700 aircraft. The set contains:

  • 6 x Fairey Fulmar
  • 4 x Sea Hurricane
  • 8 x Fairey Swordfish

This set of 3 aircraft could be seen together up to early 1942.  By 1942, the Fulmar was being replaced by single-seat aircraft adapted from land fighters. You will have to do your research if you want to be historically accurate in putting these 3 types on a carrier deck. Flyhawk have a 1/700 HMS Hermes in the works – this set would be perfect for that ship.

The Fulmars and Swordfish can be built with wings folded or extended. The Hurricanes have only the wings extended option. There’s a photo etch fret for the propellors and also to replicate the rigging on the Swordfish. There are plastic propellers on the sprues as well if you prefer. The Swordfish observer’s machine guns are also replicated in photo etch. The level of detail looks good for this scale and the finished articles look nice, with some recessed panel lines and fine details.

I built one of each and there’s a bit more to them than most 1/700 aircraft. The Sea Hurricane is made of 6 parts. The aerial is moulded to the fuselage so you need to be very careful of knocking it off and the main undercarriage legs are tiny. The Fulmar is not too bad with 5 parts – no aerial to knock off this time, but still tiny undercarriage legs. I did lose one of the undercarriage legs here – some spares would have been nice, but I’m pretty sure I have something I can use in the spares box. Now the Swordfish are a little trickier, it took me as long as it took me to do the Swordfish as the other 2 aircraft, and then some more. The Swordfish is made of 11 parts and the hardest parts were the wheels and torpedo. The photo etch rigging went together and into place without too much trouble, but the torpedo is tricky to get in place as are the undercarriage legs. With hindsight I might have gone with the styrene propellors since they have hubs. Overall, they look nice and are more detailed than most 1/700 aircraft, but the price you pay is in small parts.

Many thanks to Flyhawk for the review sample.

Paul Tosney – Editor
ModelBuilder International

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